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  Dream Number: #474
Dream Type: Re-accurring
Date Posted: 7/26/2011

jennifertowne from barre remembers this:

I keep dreaming that I go to this place that is like a beach, or maybe a fishing dock of some sort. some times there is a shack of some sort off to the side and sometimes all i see is the dock. But when I go there I jump off the dock into the water and swim down deep, and the water seems to have no end. So I keep swimming down and down and I can see clearly while I am under the water, and I see different sections of the dock or maybe the inside of a canyon and sometimes I come across little treasures the deeper I go. But the deeper I go, I can still breath and I still find more and more of the under-structure of the dock, and it just doesn't end. at no point during my dream... do I come up out of the water, or does the dock or the clearness of the water or anything in it, end.

Responses from the Dreamers

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