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  Dream Number: #468
Dream Type: scary and totally insane!
Date Posted: 3/25/2011

honeymoon from san jose remembers this:

I had a dream about the devil. Me and my friends all lived in a six bedroomed house where the devil had placed pictures on certain objects with the name of a demon. I remember one demon who crawled out of a filing cabnet wearing a skin tight leather outfit that covered his face and had buttons down the side. The demon had long arms and legs. I had to fight each demon with a metal baseball bat. The devil came to me as a snake as I fought each demon. He finally appeared to me in the end in a human form-tall, thin, black eyes and hair and very sexy. We met at a thrift store. He had someone with him-a thick built man. The devil spoke to me, he wanted me to join him-be his queen. He felt very real. I dont know what it means. Someone plz tell me.

Responses from the Dreamers

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