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  Dream Number: #467
Dream Type: Close to cheating?
Date Posted: 2/27/2011

Rancain from remembers this:

I take the metro into D.C. to visit my ex-grilfriend AND my current girlfriend. i'm traveling with both my sisters. When we pull in at the station, there is some sort of disaster going on and all the tunnels are closed going to street level. somehow the police make it down, and their led by a woman police officer who tells us all their looking for terrorist. I end up talking to her while the police are investigating, and she confides in me that this is her first time in command of the unit and she feels her athority is being undermined by her subordinates. I offer to help her out, and for some reason this makes her feel much better, despite the fact the only thing I can really do for her leagaly is check licence plates of the cars that are now down in the subway with us for some reason, because it's a dream I suppose. Anyway, my sisters and I check all the licence plates and it turns out there wasn't a crime after all. I listen to the officer's problems a little longer until she's feeling confident again, and suddenly her fellow officers respect her again, so I leave. Apparently my sisters have checked out of the dream. As I'm walking around D.C., it's night and parts of the city look normal, and other parts look like the city is made out of these tiny little shacks all stacked on top of each other. their all dark inside, and I remember thinking; how on earth does anyone get to their home in that stack. I go shopping at a small convience store run by a small older woman. She's crying because she's going to have to close her store down. I talk to her for a while then walk across a massive foot bridge. Now I'm in the city in daylight walking up the stairs to a very tall building and when i get to the top the receptionist tells me the meeting won't start unitl my old boss from my former workplace shows up. I roll my eyes and say outloud, "We're waiting for that moron?" or something like that JUST as he walks in. He walks past me pretending not to notice I've just insulted him, so I figure the meeting is ruined and walk a few doors down to a small room with coffee. there is a couple from New Zealand in there looking irritated when i show up, they say their about to close. I start talking to them, and they begin to treat me alright. the girl confides in me that she's having problems with her boyfriend who sitting right there listening to all of this and I'm get pretty unconfortable, even though he seems ok with everything she's saying.
Then she comes on to me, and I have to explain i have a girlfriend with whom I am quite happy, but I'd be happy to be her friend. She tells me that this isn't enough and I spend the rest of the dream fending off her advances before she has to head back to New Zealand, even though i can feel a part of my self extreamly attracted to her, but i love my girlfriend very much and am not about to sabatoge the entire relationship for someone i hardly know. Her flight arrives, she leaves after saying goodbye twice. when she's walking away my girlfriend calls my cell phone and she asks what I've been up too, I lie and tell her not much.

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