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  Dream Number: #465
Dream Type: Lucid
Date Posted: 2/13/2011

dradcliffe09 from Amherst remembers this:

The Old Brick Buildings on the Hill

I find myself in this old abandoned town somewhere in the mountains. There's these brick buildings everywhere, six stories tall, old, and crumbling. The whole place is overgrown with trees, vines, and shrubs. The sun is setting over the far side of the mountain peaks, casting shadows over the buildings and giving them a mysterious silhouette.

I see an old woman with a wheelbarrow, masonry tools, and climbing gear. She is scaling the buildings, chipping off bricks in some places, and replacing them in other places to fill in gaps where the buildings have crumbled. Without speaking a word, I walk over to where some of the removed bricks are piled and begin working on restoring the lower portions of one of the buildings. The work makes me feel good, knowing the old place is being restored, and that I am taking part in it.

I look up to the old woman, who is hanging off the side of the building with her rope. She smiles back and continues her work.

I wake up.

I got on my laptop and drew a quick model in sketchup of the place I saw in my dream. I think I'll do this for other dreams I've had in the past. I can remember them clearly and in detail -- all of them. I think I should share these places with everyone, and that it would be selfish to keep these places to myself. I hope you will find them as beautiful and inspiring as I have.

The pictures are posted on my Facebook profile.


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