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  Dream Number: #464
Dream Type: dimensional
Date Posted: 2/8/2011

Jack from Dallas, TX remembers this:

I had just died, and the Devil approached me. He told me that I could either be tormented in Hell for eternity, or I could become one of the tormentors. Obviously, I chose to torment others rather than suffer myself. So he instructed me that it was my job to recruit the souls of the living that I would torture for eternity. My first charge was my step-brother (who is my same age in real life). In this dream, he was about 11 years old and in a hospital due to a collision with a drunk driver (which happened in real life when he was really 11). Instead of corrupting him, as Satan wished of me, I warned my step-brother to keep reading the Bible and believing and praying to God because the Devil wanted him. At that moment, I heard Satan screaming in rage that I had betrayed him. He reached his hands up through the floor and threw me back into Hell. He was full of anger, coming over to where I had landed, to give full vent to his rage and beat the shit out of me. Then I woke up. Upon waking, I called my step-brother and told him my dream. Now, he's been the archetypal Bible-thumping Christian his whole life, Mr. Goodie Two-Shoes in the flesh. And he told me that when he'd been hospitalized after that car wreck, he'd dreamed that he'd been visited by a "grown-up version" of me, telling him to be a good Christian...
I was wondering if anyone else out there has had any dream experiences that connected to reality in two or more ways as this one did. That really had a profound effect on me.

Responses from the Dreamers

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