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  Dream Number: #459
Dream Type: Scary
Date Posted: 12/29/2010

wildrice from remembers this:

"The Shining/Amityville Horror House"
I've had this dream for many years. I have purchased a haunted house w/ my husband. It has many rooms to it, even double wings that I explore cautiously. It is the home where the dbl muder has taken place w/ the twins being axe murdered, like in the movie. I am horrifed, and fell hopelessly stuck w/ this unfortunate purchase.

I usuallyhave company sleeping over, or my kids are sleeping, everyone unaware. I feel terribly guilty for sitting on this secret! I know I can likely never sell this house, if they know the history of it.
I never see evidence of the murder when I search it out, and the latest version of the dream a secret door in fake wooden paneling opened, revealing the twins' bedroom. I sometimes awaken moaning in horror...one time I saw the twins, they were skeletons w/ big huge, creepy grins and I stabbed one in the pelvic region w/ a butcher knife, and it was my husband's x-wife! I can't stop dreaming this dream, and I ALWAYS understnd my dreams, but cannot figure out why this one won't go away!

Replies from the dreamer:

I haven't been able to see a connection to what is causing the dream yet. Nothing that I know of is being kept secret.
(Added: 12/30/2010)

Thanks for the reply. I do think it was imagery borrowed from the movie, for sure. I also think that every dream is imbued w/ deep meanings. By the way, I never watch scary movies any more, that was when I was a teenager! I think I saw the SHining several times.
(Added: 2/13/2011)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: vuka

Is there a similarity in the events in your real life, preceding these dreams?

Can you relate to something being hidden or kept secret in your real life?

(Added: 12/30/2010)

From: dradcliffe09

Do you watch those movies alot? I find elements of my favorite movies in my dreams now and then.

The haunted house seems to relate to your fears indirectly. There is something bothering you -- it may have nothing to do with haunted houses, murders, or ex-wives. Then again, maybe you wonder sometimes about about things from your husband's past, things you have no control over. It's normal to fear things we can't control. the dream may just be your way of venting those fears.

I wonder if your family has any scary dreams like this one, and if they have any direct similarties to your dream? There may be a secret there to conquering that fear or just making the dreams go away.

And if it is just the movies, add a few comedies to your list! :)

(Added: 2/13/2011)


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