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  Dream Number: #426
Dream Type: lucid
Date Posted: 5/28/2010

clogan78 from remembers this:

seems like i have very lucid and real dreams everynight right before i wake up. i take psychotropic prescription drugs for a mental illness. sometimes when i dream so real i feel like i'm in the Matrix and waking life is not real, but the dream itself and that the dream is reality. am i crazy?

Replies from the dreamer:

thanks airiii! i've thought that my psychotropic drugs were the culprit for having very lucid dreams. but then it goes back to the matrix - do i take the red pill or blue pill? are the drugs making me see reality as it is (the dream) or when i'm off drugs am i deluded? it's a conundrum that i don't think i will ever solve... alas
(Added: 5/29/2010)

@pg0302 - the psychotropic drugs are for schizoaffective disorder. it's akin to bipolar and schizophrenia. thanks for the post!
(Added: 8/18/2010)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: airiii

You are not crazy. I've only had one lucid dream before and in that dream, it felt much the same way as you described. It felt like waking life wasn't real but the dream itself was real. What made it even scarier was that the dream was about the end of the world.
Psychotropic/psychoactive drugs can greatly affect your dreams, so more than likely your nightly lucid dreaming is a side effect of the meds you are taking.

(Added: 5/28/2010)

From: pg0302

Just this morning i awoke and thought the exact same sequence of reality vs. dream reality.
As for the matrix, i believe we know this life here.. reality is reality... yes insight into the sub-conscience is important and can be gained through deep lucidity. But if you spent all your time in a dreaming state.. your alone.. nothing but yourself is real. it may seem like your with a ton of others, but truly they are only dream characters fabricated from your mind.
But, i do understand the struggle to really realize the life we have here.. is fixed. We can't escape from our bodies until death and in dreaming (we are what we create).
Keep dreaming :) and being bold and posting!
Btw, if you don't my inquiry, what are the medications for?

(Added: 8/18/2010)


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