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  Dream Number: #42
Dream Type: completely crazy
Date Posted: 10/8/2005

pictures_in_my_head from Ashland remembers this:

i was very small, and i was running around with the characters from Toy Story. We went into the back of a closet, where there was a hole in the wall. In the hole there was a piping system which was filled with a green glowing slime and the squeaky aliens had a boating service in the slime. we all climbed into a boat which was like a gondola and the squeaky alien pushed off. we rode through the pipes for a while. then, the alien fell out of the boat and into the slime. he started disolving and was screaming and squeaking.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Ryan Chimney

First... Have to ask when was the last time you saw the movie ?

Sounds like a cross between that movie and Mario Bros. This dream could mean you are up to something sneaky at the moment with a few friends. You are not sure on the outcome and dream seems to be harmless... for now.

(Added: 10/8/2005)


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