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  Dream Number: #415
Dream Type: Random
Date Posted: 3/22/2010

Sora from remembers this:

There was this little place... I don't know what to call it, maybe a town or a village.
I can't really call it anything, because I don't know what went beyond the busy
street in which my dream took place. I'd been there before, at another time in
another dream... and for the most part (as I could remember) it looked the same.
My mother and I drove in one direction on the street, stopped and got out.
As we zipped by my mom commented on the stores. Most of them were cloting
stores, but i remember from another dream that there were restaurants (jamaican
i think) on the other side of the street. In that dream I saw the left side of the street,
in this one i could only see the right.
The store that sticks out in my mind is a shoe store that had it's boots
hanging on display from the ceiling of the display case. I remember
absentmindedly comparing the way the boots hung to the way they hang
meat in poultry shops.
When we got out of the car my mom noticed a hanging article of clothing
(I don't remember what it was or what it looked like) and although she didn't
take it off the rack she sort of held it in one hand, while continuing to walk past
in a way that i knew she wouldn't buy it. That's all i remember for now, I'll
probably remember more bits and pieces as i go throughout the day.

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