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  Dream Number: #414
Dream Type: Random
Date Posted: 3/21/2010

Sora from remembers this:

This is one of the shortest dreams I've ever had. In it, all I did was hug my friend/crush. The weird thing was that when we hugged there were like... not fireworks, but little lines and squiggles of energy. It was as if all the hyper little cells in my body raced to join the hyper little cells in his body wherever there was contact. There was this weird magnetic force... it was very random.
I read all over the web trying to figure out what it meant. On one site it said that it was a bad omen and that we would stop being friends, on another it said that i was showing my affection towards him. I just hate the fact that I'll go back to school on Monday and feel all weird towards him (and really want to give him a hug) and he'll have no idea.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ElizVanZee

If we take your friend/crush literally as referring to him, the dream can be saying that when you show affection for this person, there are no fireworks nothing to celebrate about this feeling.

The weird magnetic force seems to suggest that the attraction between you exists on a very body level cell to cell contact. The affection and attraction is thus apparently more physical than emotional. In other words, this does not appear to be LOVE but simply a sexual attraction.

(Added: 4/26/2010)


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