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  Dream Number: #412
Dream Type: Shopping
Date Posted: 3/14/2010

bradlby from Burtonsville, MD remembers this:

In reality I use a very old version of iPhoto, and have been considering updating for quite a while. In my dream I went to an Apple store to buy a new version. The store itself looked less like a modern Apple store, spartan and modern, and more like an old Babbages, with shelves jam-packed throughout the store. I searched for a while to no avail, so I asked a sales girl to help me. She suggested that my version, which I know to be quite old, was not the problem, and actually my laptop was overheating, leading to my problems. I wasn't having problems per se, I just wanted to update my software.

At this point one of my online friends, whom I have never actually met in person walked up and we started to discuss how unhelpful this service was. An elderly woman was being dragged to the back of the store by a different employee, so I decided to follow. The salesman roughly attached the old woman to what looked like a power brick, and plugged it into the wall to restrain her. I pointed out that this would be fairly ineffective by plugging in a power brick and yanking it out of the socket by the cord with one hand. He then told me he was aware, and revealed that the old woman also had a metal ring around her waist, which was attached to a metal bar attached to the wall. I thought this was a bit overkill and wondered what she had done to deserve all that.

A mall security guard drove into the store on his scooter. However instead of a normal scooter this one was bright red, and had complex body modifications to make it look like a street racing car. It even had a roof and tall doors on either sides, and over-stated taillights and tailpipes. He gave my online friend and me a tour of the surrounding area while trying to explain to us the complex ecosystem of mall interactions between employees and customers. We drove on a bridge over a highway and as I looked out I wondered to myself if this scooter was really meant to accommodate two people next to each other in the back.

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