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  Dream Number: #406
Dream Type: Recurring
Date Posted: 2/15/2010

asdfghjkl from remembers this:

I have been having the same dream for a few years now at lest once a month,

in the dream it is me in preschool pushing my cousin on the tire swing, i notice a strange man standing outside the fence of the playground next to a green truck, i get very distracted by my fear of this man and the tire swing hits me in the stomache causing me to fall to the floor, from the ground i look at the gate at if the only thing im worried about is the location of this mysterious stranger but i cant find him and that scares me more than you can imagine and it causes me to wake up.

any suggestions as to what this means or why i dream of this so often??

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Wayne

Have you ever experienced being 'abducted' as a child. Be it by a stranger or maybe a parent that is divorced from another parent or something similar.

Did your teachers really try to scare you and your class mates in the early grades about strangers and how bad they can be?

It could be possible that you did see a guy standing by a green truck when you were a kid and were so terrorized by it because of the recent stranger speech by a parent or teacher that you simply 'blacked it out' of your memory.

did your dad ever drive a green truck? If your not sure about your earlier years, just ask him if he's still alive and well.

Try to remember the model and year of the truck. Get online and find pictures of trucks on Wikipedia, once you've picked out a few that could be it, ask family members if anyone in the family has ever had a truck like that.

Because, A truck is not something you're imagination comes up with, you seen this truck somewhere. maybe passing by it in a parking lot or on the road or perhaps somebody you knew owned one like it. Point is, you seen this truck in real life. And the truck is your best starting point for digging.

(Added: 2/19/2010)


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