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  Dream Number: #401
Dream Type: Sports & Games
Date Posted: 1/18/2010

bradlby from Burtonsville, MD remembers this:

Someone gave me a ticket to a live sporting event because they unexpectedly couldn't make it. The event was in a local sporting arena that doesn't actually exist, but had features from several actual local arenas combined. I walked there through a very strange combination of real and imaginary locations, including an abnormal amount of stairs and escalators. This arena would be floating over part of the city if it actually existed.

Once I arrived I tried to read my ticket, but since this was a dream it was extremely difficult. I wandered around the arena and eventually found my seat. I realized at that point that there was only one seating section even open for this event, and it was barely a quarter full. There was a bathroom behind the section, so I decided to stop in there first.

The bathroom was more of a storage room, and lacked a toilet, so I relieved myself in a small metal trashcan behind some left over promotional banners for other events.

When I got back to my seat the sports started, but it turned out that this was a video game tournament. It was being promoted as a tournament anyway, but actually every player was playing against the computer in single player mode. It was actually more of an exhibition, but I gathered there was some kind of judging system. A few more people arrived to watch, but we were all on nearly the opposite side of the arena from the players.

The game they played had elements of Street Fighter III in it, but the characters were scrambled, with traits from multiple characters mixed together. I talked with the other people in my section about other video games for a while until I woke up.

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