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  Dream Number: #394
Dream Type: Reaccuring, odd.
Date Posted: 12/13/2009

lalalayla from United Kingdom remembers this:

Dream. [Reaccuring]

I am in this house all alone and cold, i am curled up in a ball, my stomach is pushed out, there is a baby inside me. There is a mirror oppisite me. My eyes are bloodshot as if i have been crying, i am only fourteen years old and pregnant. I hear a high pitch scream, the room goes black.

-I wake up-

Replies from the dreamer:

I feel as if its forever, all though nothing much happened, i felt as if it was hours & hours long.
(Added: 2/10/2010)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Talon

you know how there are those dreams that u wake up from after checking the clock and its only been 2 minutes but the dream felt like it was a lifetime long. is this dream short feeling or does it feel like its extended over a long period of time?

(Added: 2/10/2010)


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