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  Dream Number: #393
Dream Type: Scary... in some way
Date Posted: 11/28/2009

michiyohara from remembers this:

Hi Dream Theory personnel

I had a dream a few hours ago, and I think I should post it because it was kind of scary and I think there's an inner struggle within me... just not sure how to interpret it properly. Perhaps you can help me?

The dream

I can't remember most part of it but I do remember a small part of it.

I was at an apartment (I think) or a house with at least 4 stories. IT is weird, my dream was in dark orange colour. Lemme get it straight, they are grey details, but the sky or background colour was dark orange.

It was something like I was at this place and a storm was coming. It was normal at first like just rain and stuffs, but then I heard someone was shouting towards me (though I can't see the person's face) to go upstairs and take a look. I could see two tornadoes, yes huge ones, heading towards the building that I was inside.

They were not like those twin tornadoes, they were like aligned behind one another, both spinning at its own speed, their tails weren't linked together, both individual, huge and deadly.

I got scared as I realised that where they were heading, and I actually called my friends to be at the ground floor and lie down at a safe area, well, at least I hope it was, and that place was just beside an open door, where I could see most of the things started flying off because of the Tornato approaching closer.

We all curled up together, I think... 4 of us, and we were hugging each other from behind, my eyes were closed, and I was constantly praying to God that the tornadoes will not hit us, it will spin away.

In between the prayers I remembered my notebook, some important stuffs and was like, "oh man... should I run back upstairs and get them because I really don't want to loose my work data", they are important stuffs like things I have been doing and family pictures in my notebook.

Then I decided not to get back up, because I know if I leave the safe place and the people there, I might be killed alone, trying to salvage something that is not human, my notebook, with data I considered very important inside.

I decided to continue to pray and hug my friends closely, with my eyes closed. I remembered that I told my head is, "data can be lost - if they are, I really can't do anything about it; my life with my love ones are more important."

Then I do not know how long we stayed in that position and how long I prayed, the tornado didn't hit the building we were in, it went off in a different direction, both of them.

Though they didn't hit the building but they have done quite a damage outside, was still raining and you see water was everywhere, (I think ankle deep)

I was walking around and I was so glad that none of us got hurt and my things are not lost upstairs. But I did remember some debris outside the building.

By this time, the dream has a lighter orange background... more whites came into view, the details were still gray.

I was trying to look around to see anyone who was outside the building who survived from the unexpected tornadoes.

Then I woke up, and realised that it's raining heavily outside in my real life.

What do you think this dream represents? I can't really remember the earlier parts of the dream, but the two tornadoes that I saw looking out from the window from the building I was in. The two, huge tornadoes, spinning steadily and deadly, flattening anything that is blocking its way.

Please help and advice?

Responses from the Dreamers

Return within 24-48 hours to read our Dream Theory. Your dreams are crazy but they matter to us. Give us time and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.


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