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  Dream Number: #38
Dream Type: Freakin' awesome.
Date Posted: 10/7/2005

Shelly from Nancy, Kentucky remembers this:

I was in a modern record store. I believe it to be modern, anyway. It seemed familiar to me. I was flipping through the old used vinyls. I stopped suddenly 'cause the cover of one said "Black Sabbath." It was some album released in the 70's that apparently exists in my dream world, and not in real life. I checked the tracklist on the back, and there was a cover of Rainbow's "Since You've Been Gone," listed. I was euphoric. I never played the song, though.

Replies from the dreamer:

We should definitely learn to play the records in our dreams. It can't be that hard.

In a dream once, Tom Waits sang me a song (live!) that doesn't exist. So it was essentially a new Tom Waits song, in my head. That was awesome.
(Added: 10/8/2005)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Ryan Chimney

OH i have dreams similar to this everynight. Finding a record, even ones that dont exist. Never once have i had the ability to actually play any of the records in my dream either, WHY?

anyway it could mean you are in search of something that doesnt exitst yet you continue to look anyway or else you are just looking for previously unreleased Black Sabbath tracks =)

(Added: 10/8/2005)


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