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  Dream Number: #374
Dream Type: horrid
Date Posted: 8/30/2009

saradutton83 from remembers this:

the other night i remember dreaming about fighting with my mother, i was punching her in her face, but it wasnt my mother, it was my partner. i knew it was her though! she/he was asking me to punch them hard in the face, i was struggling to do it, i also dreamt tthat night of shaking my nephew so hard , and being really mean to him sqezing him, he is 4 months old, i would never do this. whats this about, this isnt the first time i have dreamed about hurting something .

Responses from the Dreamers

From: lester brosis

hey sara,

I guess violence is a common theme in your dreams. I think dreams give us an opportunity to do things that we might not normally do. It's sound crazy, but maybe there is a part of you that wants to shake that baby and punch your mother in the face because you know you can't and know it's wrong.

Obviously, anyone in their right mind would not do these things, but that's where dreams facilitate these violent tendencies. From what I can gather (based on your dream writings) you are not a violent person, but maybe you act violently in dreams because that is the only outlet for it. I know violence is bad, but perhaps it's a basic human emotion that we can't escape. Dreams offer emotions that we want to experience but don't in real life.

Keep dreaming


(Added: 9/14/2009)


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