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  Dream Number: #373
Dream Type: Totally Insane!!
Date Posted: 8/23/2009

curious_dreamer88 from Portsmouth OH remembers this:

I had a dream the other night.. and its driving me crazy.. Whats it all mean? I dont really remember everything.. but i will tell what I do remember.. Ok.. It was like.. I was watching myself on TV.. and I was fighting this prego woman.. And then I cut her belly open and stole her baby..?? I dont have any children.. but I could never imagine doing something like this ever!! Its completely crazy!! I dont really remember what the girl looked like.. or really any other details about her.. I know that she was blonde.. Anyone know what this could be saying about my life??

Responses from the Dreamers

From: lester brosis

I think it's just a funny dream. That image of stealing someone's pregnant child right out of their belly is a crazy image. I don't know if it means you want kids really bad or what.

Watching yourself on TV is also a great image.

Also, I don't think dreams are meant to be interpreted as things you might do in reality. Obviously, you wouldn't give a pregnant a makeshift cesarean section in order to get a baby. that's absurd! Do you want children? Is there something you are leaving out? are you infertile?



(Added: 9/14/2009)


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