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  Dream Number: #367
Dream Type: Scary but Not terrifying
Date Posted: 7/26/2009

rockyrambo from India, chennai remembers this:

This is a very usual dream that i get.. I used to spend my summer vacations during my schooling at my grandparents place.. This dream also takes place there..

When the dream begins i'am at the backyard of my grandparents house with my cousin(kid of 12-14 years).. At that time all my family(All my uncles aunts cousins everyone) are well within the house, but only me and my cousin brother are outside..

Suddenly we hear a thumping sound and we turn to see a huge bull running up to us.. We start to run for the back door of the house..

But while running i turn around to see that the bull, is in turn being chased by lion.. When we finally reach the backdoor we find the door broken free from the hinges which attach it to the frame of the door..

So we just try to fix the door back on the hinges and quietly hold the door form the back so that the bull and loin passes us without seeing us..

But the bull falls prey to the lion just right there near our back door and at that time i see through the window that there area a bunch of lions(at first i saw only 1 lion)..

At that sight we get a bit scared and try to shut the door close so that if the lion smells us out we are not fall to the attack.. But during the process we make some sound and the lion's attention falls upon us..

It comes near the house and smells at the door and tries nudging the door.. (At this time even my cousin is not present am alone)

Now am standing on one side and the lion on the other-side its using all the force to break in and am using all my force to avoid that..

I'am alone in struggling with the broken door with the lion and i fear that if i let it in then my whole family(All my uncles aunts cousins everyone) who are in the house will also fall for it..

Then after a longtime of struggling i hear voices from the outside.. Some of the local people come along with fire and guns and chase the lions(again this time there are more than 1 lion)

They shout out to me to open the door and dont worry.. I also apen the door to find a group chasing the lions not far from here and also i find the dead carcass of the bull near my backdoor..

The carcass was burning as the people set fire to it.. Also then i notice that there are lion CUB's near my door..

There were four of them growling.. And at that point i also look at the lions and they are getting ready to come back again for a second attack..

And i look at the door lying there on the floor and try to get it back up and against the wall.. The dream ends there..

(But i have to tell you i felt very exhusted after i wokeup as if i really fought against the lion to hold the door, also i was not tired when i went to bed the previous night coz it was a sunday full of rest)

Also I had this dream around Early morning after 6Am.. Plz temme what it implies??

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