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  Dream Number: #364
Dream Type: very lucid
Date Posted: 7/7/2009

lecroqmonsieur from london remembers this:

there were 4 of my closest friends as well as around 5 other people (who i didn't recognise)...we went on a mission through a suburban mountain town. we scaled tennis court fences, small building, trees, roof tops that were interconected...all in an upward direction till we reached a roof terrace which had an open kitchen. on top of the oven was a huge fish pie with two fried eggs on top simmering away in a wok.

this apparently was the reason of our mission...to steal the pie. so we swiped it and began our tricky decent back down the obstacles we had climbed up. i got left behind with tim with the wok whilst everyone else scarpered as the owner of the pie realised he'd been burgled and gave chase.

it became apparent as the owner grew close that he was bulit like a brick shithouse. he eventually cornered me and timmy on a slopping football pitch and start popping us with great precision. but thankfully i managed to get a clean shot at his chin which floored him. tim wanted to stamp on his head to finish him off but i restrained him much to his annoyance.

we then legged it again but got caught up in some undergrowth. by this time, matey boy brickshithouse had got up and started to gain on us. tim was berating me for the lack of head stamping by now as he realised we'd certainly get another popping. but i stood firm on my stance (?!) and said we weren't animals.

by now, the fish pie had gone cold so we left it in the undergrowth and thankfully escaped the clutches of the angry, pilthered man. to celebrate not being caught, we all had a game tennis.

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