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  Dream Number: #362
Dream Type: Satin Sheets
Date Posted: 6/15/2009

Queequeg from remembers this:

I was in some kind of dark high-tech A-Frame, where I was able to assume the point of view of a fish in a flooded house, and others were somehow able to observe me doing it. It was video-gamish, I know a lot of the onlookers were asian. We knew there was a shark somewhere in the house, but what was most disturbing about the experience was the way my viewpoint switched several times between the pre-flooded house, and then as I "swam" slowly down a hallway, and then back to the dark and underwater house (I observed Stephanie (a friend) folding laundry, it seemed she could see me, (but perhaps my hallucinatory human self, not the up-to-date virtual fish self) and then turning the corner, as the scene reverted to "now", a group of skeletons in a pile, pushed there by underwater currents. Presumably one of the skeletons was Stephanie?) It had the feel of a convention where you could try out new technology.

Responses from the Dreamers

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