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  Dream Number: #354
Dream Type: Love,
Date Posted: 5/9/2009

Martek47 from Glasgow remembers this:

I was being hastled by friends i couldn't distinguish in my dead grans old garden. The friends where all shadows and changing who who they where. The shadows where becoming female then male and where pushing me asking over and over "why ","well tell us" i finnaly stuck out my right arm showing them my palm and they all looked at it reading my palm and stopped shocked. All just standing here looking sad and looking at my hand realising why i had to go. I had no prints my hand was blank like i was made not born and they realised i couldnt stay because i didnt belong with them it was only a dream to me. But to them this was their life, they were real. To my left she came and hugged me crying my into my chest i felt warm like i had known her for years. The only thing i could do is joke that she would stain my white t-shirt with her make-up then i felt like i was leaving backwards and realised i actually was going bacwards looking in on my dream. When i woke i could feel the inprint of her where her body should have been...and i cant shake feeling of where she should be.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: dreamerlivinginanantidreamworld

Woah, I just had a talk about a something similar to this. But, enough about me. I think, (I know you must not like hearing those words, since they are not backed up with fact..) that your dream has to do with legendary shapeshifting. I think the mind is more capable of things we don't know of yet.. and you may be in tact with your mind. Not many people can do this, so you are very lucky. I would say that you should Google shapeshifting or something, because I don't entirely know how to explain it without sounding insane.
Maybe this dream has to do with your deceased Grandmother. Maybe it might have been her way of speaking to you.. but, then again, sadly, I'm just guessing here.
I think, (there are those words again..) that possibly you might be connecting with "people" (should I call them people or will they interfere in my dreams, too?) who thought you were part of their world. When they realized that you were just having a dream and you have to live in reality, and wholeness of the Earth.. they were disappointed and understood 'WHY.'
Maybe it was another dimension, and you somehow made it through regardless of scientifics. I know you may not believe me, but in order to find the real meaning, (if you care) then you really need to listen to me on this. Believe me. Things like this happen so much, and the human population ruins these interactions. Believe.
She was more than likely your soulmate. Most human's soulmates are not on Earth or in the same place as them at the same time. If you continue to dream of her, you are lucky.. and shall be blessed.
Good luck, and I really hope I haven't wasted a few minutes of both our time.

(Added: 5/21/2009)


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