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  Dream Number: #351
Dream Type: Recurring
Date Posted: 4/18/2009

Jenni is going to die from remembers this:

The first part of the dream is always different, but the last time, I stole a black sports car and then drove to my school. I attempted to get on the bus, but I needed to get into the school, first. (I'm not sure why.) I run in, & then someone's chasing me, someone dead. I start running, on metal steps, in an old building, not like my school at all. I become overwhelmed, & lock myself into a room, it's green. It's bright green, bright lights, it's old, it's dirty. There's a dead person laying there. I can't open the door, it's a steel door, one that looks like it's from an interregating room, and I start pounding, & then I usually wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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