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  Dream Number: #322
Dream Type: My son falling from a tall building (twice)
Date Posted: 10/5/2008

Bassmama3 from remembers this:

I have had this dream a little different and with a different son falling as well. We were up on top of what seemed to be a 20-30 story building. We were at the beach. I held my sons hand (6 yrs old) on top of this building and told him "Look you can see the waves crashing from here the waves are rough today." There was another person to the right of us. It seemed to be a woman. My son walked a little bit closer to the edge and seemed to hop to another platform. When I got that close the other platform looked to be 20 feet away. I told him I couldnt make that jump. Then he eased down to the floor below us balcony. I told him to hold on I would help him back up. He told me "I can't get back up" I told him to "Hold onto my hands as tight as you can, i'll pull you up." When i went to pull him up we both fell over. I remember seeing a pool, a perfect circle shaped pool below us. I said to him "this is, it I Love you Steven, I'll meet you in heaven" but we never hit the water.

My other dream of my son Brandon falling (5 yrs old).

We were on the top of an outside elevator shaft. I dont know how we got out there. But my sons were pushing each other and playing around. I told them to stop before they fell. About that time my son tripped over some big, bulky, metal thing and fell about 20 stories down. I saw him hit and laying in a puddle of blood. I knew he was dead and I was screaming for someone to help him.

I don't understand these dreams and maybe never will but they are very hurtful. I have a daughter as well, luckily I haven't seen her fall.

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