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  Dream Number: #32
Dream Type: i was a soldier
Date Posted: 9/27/2005

light_up143 from remembers this:

it was all dim!! im so exhausted and starving, until i look at mahself, i was wearing a soldier's uniform. At first i thought i was all alone, then suddenly someone tap mah shoulder. I can't see the face or either identify if he/she that person was but i can tell that person was also a soldier lyk me. We both holding a long gun. We started walking yet slowly, holding our guns in a prepared way. I was observing our surrounding, we were on a basement and i cud see the outside view for the walls were lyk a glass window. It was weird but its floating and all i can see was water. Then suddenly mah partner yell to lay down, then it happened so fast that groups of solldiers started shooting us... i was all scared but mah partner was so brave and started shooting bak at dem....then suddenly mah partner grabbed me and throw ourselfs in to the glass window and started swimming....end....i just suddenly woke up....i felt so anxious...whhoohhh!!!

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