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  Dream Number: #316
Dream Type: Wierd
Date Posted: 8/28/2008

jonquilwf from Lincoln remembers this:

Most of my dreams take place or at least is in a room or rooms from the home I group in and lived in for most of my life.

This dream bothered my a little, because it was so odd. I was sitting in a recliner in the living room and was wearing these gloves. The gloves were some how, special. They seemed metallic and had a glow about them. In front of me was a void, for lack of a better term. Just darkness, but the space I was in I recognized as the living room.

From the darkness these disks started flying at me. I was able to catch them with the gloves. When I examined a disk closely. legs like a spider came from the disk. I felt the gloves gave me strength and I was able to crush the disk-spiders.

Suddenly a wall appeared in front of me, blocking the void. It was paneled in the fake wood paneling that my living room was covered in. But from the wall, 2 puppies flew at me. I caught them both. One in each hand. I was looking closely at the puppies and felt that something was wrong, that they should be destroyed. So I tried to crush them like the spiders. But when I tried crushing them, they were not harmed. They both looked up at me with very big, blue, cartoon like eyes and started to cry. I felt they were trying to say, "please don't do that again." But I felt I needed to. I tried to crush them again but couldn't. I put one puppy down and it sadly walked away. The other puppy I tried to twist it's neck. But that did nothing either. It just became more sad. Then I woke up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: Tina

The gloves are interesting - they give you power, but they keep you from truly TOUCHING your subject - you are separate from it. Is there something in your life that is giving you strength but is not centered in you?

And dogs are associated with loyalty. Maybe the dogs are representing something that has loyalty to you that you're feeling the need to break. The gloves may represent some source outside yourself that is giving you strength. But since the strength isn't coming from YOU, you aren't able to break the bonds, even though you feel you need to.

Your dream also sounds as if you are dealing with some indecision, doubt and insecurity. Take off your gloves and trust yourself.

(Added: 8/28/2008)

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