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  Dream Number: #315
Dream Type: nO eNding...
Date Posted: 8/26/2008

ktine_psych16 from Cebu City remembers this:

i was soo depressed at that time that i cant sleep because i was out of love [broken hearted].. i was forcing myself to fall asleep.. den suddenly...

i saw a hallway... no one was there... it was only me.. sitting down waiting for someone.. den suddenly.. i saw a cute thing.. a thing dats soo adorable.. i followed to it...

it goes down stairs i followed it.. i run after it...den it just disappears.. but still i run after it.. run down d stairs.. and i just realized that i was just running in a stairs with no end... no end... no end.. it was just like.... i've been here and there... there and here...

and i just woke up... and smiling... it feels soo good..

i dreamt of this for how many months already..

but now... its slowly fades away...

everytime i dream about it.. it continues...

until i got to the place where i belong...

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: den I went to school

is it that hard to just say then?

(Added: 11/2/2008)
From: agreed

no kidding, that was so dumb.

(Added: 11/2/2008)

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