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  Dream Number: #313
Dream Type: ex boyfriend
Date Posted: 8/18/2008

missinU from lancaster,Pa remembers this:

well I have been having dreams about my ex boyfriend for a couple of months. all the dreams are different and I wake up with a smile on my face. I have a boyfriend of 3 years but I wuz unfaithful 2 him with my ex the one I've been dreaming about. I still have strong feeling for him but I don't want 2 break my boyfriends heart cuz he cares about me so much.

in my dreams I see my ex and its always an instant connection. he holds me and we kiss and it feels good even in my dreams but the dreams are always different places but we do the same things. I want 2 know why im having so many dreams about my ex boyfriend.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: gabell73

Did you get closure in your relationship? I had this guy I was in love with who cheated on me. He was my earth, and he cheated. Unable to forgive the betrayal I decided to break it off. I didn't date anyone else for a few years and then I met my current husband. When I first got married all I could think about was this first guy. I dreamed about him every night. But I loved my husband. I didn't make sense to me.
About 6 months into the marriage I had the chance to cheat on my husband with the first guy. So we met at a Hotel. While there I asked him if he had a condemn of course he said no. So I said no condemn no sex. (I just wanted his body not his baby!) So when the guy gets back he has a bag of food from a fast food place I said did you get me anything and He said no. And then it hit me, there is no way my husband would have come back with food for himself and no food for me. So I left the hotel, I didn't even kiss the guy let alone have sex with him. So I stayed true to my husband and after that night I didn't have any more dreams about him and I think of him very, very rarely.
So my advice, you probably just need some closer.

(Added: 8/25/2008)


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Responses from Guests

From: dreamer

this obviously suggests that you still have feelings for ur ex, subconsciously, which may be why you only realized this in ur dream
i would come clean to ur current boyfriend about ur dreams and cheating and i guarantee ur feel better w/o all the secrets
just b honest
he may breakup w/ u, but if he does, u no he's not the 1 4 u
simple as that

(Added: 8/24/2008)

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