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  Dream Number: #311
Dream Type: scary with unusual outcome
Date Posted: 8/7/2008

fsg from remembers this:

I dreamt I was in a forest at night, surround by wolves. I felt puzzled, but immediately associated the wolves with work and had a strong sense of betrayal. The next thing I knew I was running and the wolves were chasing me through the forest.

Suddenly I reached a road which came toward me and curved downhill to the right. The forest ended at the road and there were houses on the other side. I was exhausted, breathless and terrified. But the fear of the wolves spurred me on and I ran down the hill; when I looked over my shoulder there were two wolves were I had been standing. There was an old white car and I was desperately thumbling with the door because I wanted to put something inside, something I had to protect but I don't know what it was.

The two wolves were at the top of the hill, snarling and pacing back and forth. I noticed another small street between the houses and started thinking I might be able to run fast enough down that street to escape once I got the mysterious package inside the car. But I was having doubts and wasn't confident the plan would succeed.

Nevertheless, the door finally opened and I took off down the street. The wolves were upon me within seconds. I turned around just as one of the wolves lept to attack, and it was in that instant that I thought "this is a mistake, its not supposed to end this way, I should have gotten into the car".

I magically found myself back at the car and the wovles were back at the top of the hill. I opened the door and got inside just as the wolves came rushing toward me. One of the wolves jumped onto the hood and snarled at me; I felt it was extremely angry and frustated that I had found shelter, and with that realization I woke up.

I've been having a bad year at work, so some of the dream makes sense. But its the first time, as far as I'm aware, that I've taken control of a bad dream and changed the outcome. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: dreamer101

About the beginning, I believe that the sense of betrayal and surrounding could mean you feel trapped in a situation by someone you trusted, but now you aren't sure what to think of your relationship with them.
The thing about the car could mean that you should keep trying even when things get difficult and good things will come of it.
I'm not exactly sure of the rest.

(Added: 8/25/2008)

From: gabell73

Yes; I have experienced this type of dream. You need to find another job. If your job makes you feel this type of anxiety and fear (as if it was going to devour you) then you need to get out while you still can. You can have a Stress induced Heart Attack. Believe it or not. I had my stress induced heart attack at age 33 in September 2006.
As dreamer101 stated the forest is the company that you work for and the wolves are other people how work or run the company. You feel as if they are the driving force of your entire existence. And the package could be some kind of project that you are working on for work. And you feel the wolves (your co-employees) want to get the package (your project). Maybe to turn it in for themselves or to take the majority credit for something. Anyway, the car is your way out of the situation. It is in the dream to drive you out of the forest. And you are given the second chance in the dream to show you that it isn't to late to fix things, but that you need to take the initiative to do so.
So my advice is do not be disheartened, there is a way out. You just have to look to find it. Also, let your bosses know where you are on the project and just maybe the dreams disappear because the wolves can not longer take over your project.

(Added: 8/25/2008)


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