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  Dream Number: #308
Dream Type: Re-occuring.
Date Posted: 7/7/2008

ashlee from remembers this:

I keep on having dreams about an ex-boyfriend. We're really good friends and he was actually hurt really badly a month ago and I had been so worried about him, like, freaking out really bad. When I would sleep I would be having dreams of us getting back together or we would be at a party or we would show up together somewhere. The first one I thought it was because I was thinking about him a lot and worrying about him, but these dreams keep on coming back. I will wake up and watch some tv and go back to sleep but it always contintues where I left off at. He called me a couple days ago because he was finally getting out of the hospital, But, I haven't had any other dreams besides with him in it. What does this mean?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Nor

I often have dreams about ex-boyfriends. This may not mean that you want to get back together with him, but that since he is in your life, you want him to be at peace and healthy.

(Added: 7/21/2008)


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Responses from Guests

From: jasmine

I just learned from my class that a dream is an unfulfilled wish. Maybe you still like him and you would like to be back together with him which is why you are having so many dreams about him. I think you still care about him as a boyfriend and you should ask him to be back together with you

(Added: 7/14/2008)

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