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  Dream Number: #29
Dream Type: Shocked, yet Calm
Date Posted: 9/26/2005

Andin from Florida remembers this:

I was in a house that I don't remember ever seeing before. My ex-fiance and I were sleeping in a bedroom and I got up and walked down a short hallway into another room with a big window. I glanced to my right when I heard a big truck and saw one of those flatbed tow trucks. A woman was driving and backing up into the driveway. My first thought was that this is just great (sarcastically)--they are going to tow his car. But the woman didn't stop and the flatbed part went up over the car (a red mustang) and
then came down and smooshed it almost flat. Then she left. I run back into the bedroom and tell him what happened. The rest of the dream was a little sketchy because my son came in to ask me questions and I was starting to wake up, but we went out to look at the car and it wasn't looking too good. The impression I felt during the dream was that he apparently pissed someone off pretty good and she took it out on his car. I also felt that it wasn't me because I was the one with him. That's all I
remember of that one.

Responses from the Dreamers

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