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  Dream Number: #271
Dream Type: Exboyfriend
Date Posted: 3/7/2008

oliveoyl from remembers this:

A Little Background:
My first college boyfriend and I were together for a 2 years and then involved for another half of a year. The break up was confusing and there was never any real end or resolution. We both are seeing new people(Im living with my current boyfriend), but I cant help but feel like I lost someone who may have been really meant for me. Now over a year since the last time we talked I still have dreams about him relatively frequently.
Last night I dreamt I was sick in bed at my grandparents house, and I recieve a letter/ picture book that my ex sent me. It is full of pictures that come to life into short moving videos with sound of memories of us together, they all felt so real, pictures of us kissing, hanging out with old friends, pictures of me suposedly taken by him.. none of them were actual real memories but they felt like it anyway. In one of the picture memories is of us kissing while swimming with friends, someone in the backgroud says "aww you guys are so in love." In the dream I decide I will call him right away and admit that i still am in love with him when Im done reading the letter, depsite the sacrifices ill have to make regarding my current relationship. In the dream I want to finish the letter first and make sure that I understand the message of his letter, that he misses me.. but i never get to finish reading it.. or find out his intentions in sending it. i wake up feeling confused on whether it is a hint hes still missing me... or if i just want that so badly that I keep dreaming it.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Stitchless_Night

Thats odd, when I was learning about Lucid Dreaming, I had heard that you can't read anything in a dream, any writing and clocks look all fucked up. At least thats from what I understand.

As an outside viewer of your dream, I could only assume that the longing for this ex of yours is much deeper than just a stray thought.

About him missing you, there is no way we can prove that other than asking him himself, even then, he could lie. I'm gonna go with your ladder choice and say that you might miss him so much it's hit you on a dreamland level.

I hope that I helped a bit. I've had similar dreams about people, I personally haven't had many relationships, but I do dream of this one person from time to time, feeling like a real life event between me and someone else, but those usually end with me winding up alone.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you post more of your dreams up on here.

(Added: 3/9/2008)

From: chasmodai369

The fact that you are sick in your bed makes me think that you are not completely satisfied in your current relationship. That you recieve a gift from your ex, a picturebook and a letter says to me that you think he might help to make you feel better. The fact that never really had any resolution in your relationship makes me think that this is the underlying theme of the dream, that closure is what you really need, but it also seems like something you can't have right now because you never got to finish the letter. The letter in fact seems to be a symbol of your relationship with your ex regardless of whether or not he is really trying to communicate with you. It seems you have another issue as well and that pertains to your current relationship, maybe it's making you sick.

(Added: 3/14/2008)


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