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  Dream Number: #27
Dream Type: Weird
Date Posted: 9/26/2005

Andin from Florida remembers this:

I went into a place that as soon as you walk in there are rows of people lying on beds that are four or five tall. The people do not seem to be unhappy. They seem calm and content like they belong here. I immediately go to a baby that is almost falling off and put it back into the middle. I feel a little sad and happy at the same time about seeing the baby--maybe regretful would be the right word. Then a person tells me it will be a moment before I can sign in so I hobble up the sweeping stairs that are next to the beds and sit down at the top of them. I feel like I've been here before--like it is someplace I've been before and I knew the baby. As I'm waiting, the beds and people disappear and a T-Rex comes in--I feel I've seen him before, too and was expecting him--I'm still scared of him and run to the balcony next to the stairs, where I can hide, but still see him. He looks around, roars, and walks towards the back behind and between some aisles. Even though he is so big nothing gets broken. As though he is a
ghost gliding through the two-story floor. When he is past me I run to the back where he is going. There is a long line of people holding merchandise. I start calmly telling them T-Rex is coming, but don't panic just stay where they are like he's not here. Then I go to the counter where there are two women checking out the people. There are gold necklace chains hanging behind them. I also tell them
about T-Rex. One of the women laughs and says thanks. Then I found myself back next to the banister next to the stairs. Looking out below there are now cash registers. It appears I am now in a grocery store, but next to me and behind me are computers set up around the walls and people are working on them like a call center with the headsets on. Then a woman is talking to me and someone else how she is from another store that has parties with some sort of shows and food being handed out by carts. All of a sudden there are these kid's cartoon puppets singing and dancing. People are pushing carts with food and handing it out to the people on the computers. The woman is now gone and I start talking to a man about T-Rex. How I know he is coming in to take a class and maybe we can re-organize the place so there is an exact path he can take just for him so people won't get scared when he comes in. Just as we are talking T-Rex comes back so we start talking to him letting him know our idea. At first he is not happy about it and then we convince him that it is something special for him. Then I woke up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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