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  Dream Number: #264
Dream Type: Perplexing
Date Posted: 2/16/2008

Ulysses Bakvara from Durham remembers this:

The dream all began in a local Bojangles, a southern style fast food restaurant for those of you unfamiliar. I walked up the register where there was a lady cashier that demonstrated through her body language that she was new. I ordered a Cajun Filet Biscuit Combo, arguably the most ordered item in the history of Bojangles, and she has no idea what I was talking about. After further explaining and great persistence I built up her confidence and she rang me up. Things got sorta strange from here on out because I was given and number to go and wait in the dining area which isn't how Bojangles works. When I get to the dining area there are no people eating and there aren't even tables. All that is there are seven beds, a jail cell, and an interesting group of my friends, all of which were wearing roller blades. The vast majority of these people were kids I met while hiking through New Mexico last summer, but one was a close friend of mine that now lives in Tacoma, Washington. I say my hellos and realize that my food should be ready by now and head back over to the register. I am given some ridiculous food that is obviously not from Bojangles at all. I return to the dining area where my friends are still roller blading and discuss this dilemma with all of them. We unanimously agree that I should return the food and request that they get my order straight so for some reason I climb three flights of stairs to get back to where I ordered. When I show up the same lady is there, but when she sees me she begins to cry. An older woman walks out and fires her when she sees the food I was given. I don't quite remember whether my food was ever straightened out, but when I got back to the dining area my hiking buddies were fighting my friend from Tacoma who had morphed into a blond coke fiend with implants. She broke free, grabbed me by the arm while murmuring words into my ear and then bolts out the door to dissapear. After this nothing else is clear...

Responses from the Dreamers

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