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  Dream Number: #262
Dream Type: rock-n-weird
Date Posted: 2/7/2008

Ryan Chimney from San Frandisco remembers this:

this dream is from Clunkified Chimney, reposting here to get some interpretations going:

i had quite possibly the weirdest dream of all time this morning. i was in the stands of an outdoor show that was kind of in a venue that resembled a large house with rooms and open air porches all over the place. The Who was performing off a little bit of distance away to our left. we were sitting on those concrete style bleachers. somehow, a huge wall of pete's gear was to our immediate left and he was also using some of my gear which i also had a large wall of. at one point he's jamming down on a stage bathed in purple light and he comes running up to where we were to get all crazy on his gear. he unplugs his guitar to plug into a stack of identical beige reverb units. but the one he plugs into doesn't work. so he rips it out of the rack and comes sits next to me. he looks up at me like a mad scientist with The Fucking Crazy in his eyes while he proceeds to set the reverb unit on his lap. Scott Chimney is sitting right behind me and we are watching in disbelief and awe. the music is still going and lights are shining on us as Pete Townshend, sitting next to us, looking insane and drugged, is going to open up this piece of gear and fix it. he removes the bottom panel in a series of exaggerated moves and like a magician, he checks the gazes of everybody looking at him to make sure they know he's doing something special. for some reason the case is full of yellow pollen and opening the case releases the pollen everywhere. and now everybody is covered in yellow pollen. he removes the next bottom panel of the box and more pollen is released into the air. now you can see the entire inner carcass of the box. and he inspects it and his eyes widen as he finds the source of the problem. greasy and sweaty now and covered in pollen, he reaches into the box, his face saying "Aha." with a sinister grin, he pulls out the body of a praying mantis and holds it up then proceeds to rub it all over Scott Chimney's face. not knowing what to do Scott Chimney just sits there bummed while the madman is rubbing praying mantis all over him. now he's covered in pollen and praying mantis goo. Townshend looks at me. he says something and i respond to what i thought was the question and apparently i heard wrong because he and everybody else in the crowd is laughing. he pulls me closer, his eyes intensely focused on what he's doing. Townshend pulls out another piece of the praying mantis carcass and rubs it on my face. he then puts the gear back together, jumps out of his seat, plugs it in and the red light goes on. he runs back down to the stage leaving Scott Chimney, I, and onlookers stunned and speechless. fast forward to the morning. at the same house/venue I walk upstairs from this outside bleacher area we watched the show from. i end up at the very top floor and come to the end of a long hallway. there's a room with large windows overlooking the venue area. i see a maid vaccuuming the floor. there's a massive wet spot on the floor in front of the windows. i walk up to the windows to look out and think that a huge party must've happened here. as i finish that thought, i hear Paris Hilton off to my side complain "Last night was fucking gay."

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