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  Dream Number: #258
Dream Type: Strange
Date Posted: 1/23/2008

Carl from America remembers this:

I was part of a group of crime-fighters (not superheroes, just regular people) trying to figure out the best way to catch a father and son team of torturous murderers.

They were SO intelligent that every lead I/we followed played right into their hands.

The majority of the dream took place in a poor, run-down flophouse. I remember a beautiful blue and white water fountain sitting (in slight disrepair, not hooked up) in one of the hallways and somehow I knew that it was the son's. Somehow I contacted the son via a phone or intercom system and asked about the fountain, interested in purchasing it (I really was interested, it was beautiful, but mostly wanted to catch these monsters).

I thought I got a hand up on him, but no, I played right into his hands again and wound up in their "dungeon" area with insane scrawling scratched into the tables and walls.

The son came at me with the intention of capturing and torturing me. He did some damage, but managed to wrestle him to the ground, though I did not have a good hold on him. Some sort of animal (a cat, I think) bit him near his head/neck, and as he reacted to the pain, he reached in his pants, pulled out his penis, and immediately ejaculated on his stomach, moaning.

I don't remember what happened next, other than we vanquished the foes, and when we did the words scratched all over the room slowly disappeared and were gone.

Then, the dream immediately started over, but I retained the knowledge from what had just happened with the intention of being able to catch them sooner rather than falling into the trap of their lair. I may even have been a different member of my team this time around. I don't remember much of this second part of the dream. The fountain was not part of it, nor did the ejaculation scene reoccur. I know we vanquished them again, but I do not remember if it was earlier or not.

Responses from the Dreamers

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