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  Dream Number: #257
Dream Type: two diffrent dreams on this one.
Date Posted: 1/23/2008

somechick from Town thats half country and half ghetto of NC remembers this:

Well, the first one i want to mentions are the dreams i've been haveing for the past 5 nights. I die in all of them in different places and i always wake up right after the dream goes black. All of them i die from natural causes except one where i think i over dose on something. Im about to turn 18 pretty soon, and im still in highschool and im about to move out with my boyfriend as soon as i graduate. I always depended on my parents and i only had one job (but i quit and that was a year ago) and never paid for a single thing myself. Not only that, but i dont feel like im living my young life while it's still here. Basically i dont feel ready to move out and commit, but i'll do anything for this guy. Would my dreams be somewhat connected to this? I just want to understand myself better through this situation.

Now the dream i had last night, I didn't die, but i came very close to it. My boyfriend and I were on my way to my house. A 18-wheeler was behind us and Eric said there's something wrong with that truck. Well, we stopped at a stop sign, i look back and the truck was still hauling ass behind us, we braced ourselves and the truck stopped at the last minute and was touching out bumper. We started to speed to have enough space between us and the truck. The truck started to speed up and was cetching up to us. Then i hear the truckers intercom saying 'No breaks! No breaks! E-break! E-break!' There's nowhere to turn off and there was only narrow deep ditched on both sides of the road. We started to speed even faster to get to the closest neighborhood. We were almost there but there were two school buses that just barely got in the way. Eric e-breaks and shoots into the neighborhood. We drove a few yards back and turned to look. The truck plowed into one of the buses and it hit the bus infront of it causing it to go up a hill and flipping. I heard kids screaming and saw kids getting thrown out of the buses. We got out of his car and i just broke down and cried in his chest saying 'you saved us.' he said 'i'll alway keep you safe.'

Responses from the Dreamers

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