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  Dream Number: #254
Dream Type: Reports and Findings Dream theory research Chpt 1.
Date Posted: 1/14/2008

SilentVisionary from Some distant land remembers this:

When I was 15 I lived a life of seculsion.

Yes. A life of seclusion.

I had few friends and those that I had I rarely went out with.

Now as with most people in such situations I slept more and spent less of my time in the waking moments of my life.

Once you sleep more you tend to dream more and as a result I came to a couple of conclusions, discoveries if you will. I found out the method in which to attain a state od dreaming every time you fall asleep.

I know its absurd and nonsensical but yes I did it and proceeded to dream every night for the next 3 months after my discovery.

Of course every dream was lovely/wonderful/majestic etc etc etc. I will elaborate on this later. But what i found after the 3 months is that I couldn't distinguish my waking and sleeping hours.

Suffice to say when I was awake I couldn't tell I was awake.

Secondly, I found out that I could dream even though I was not yet fully asleep (half awake in fact) and this produced a cross mix between day dreaming and actual dreams.

Now usually in a dream you don't control your actions. (most of the time if you think you do its because the dream makes you think that way nothing more). But if you do this, you will dive into a dream that is totally random but one that you can control.

Needless to say its a very addictive process.

But I broke free of this somewhat sometime ago due to some mishap I encountered within one particular dream. And safe to say I havent had any dreams for the last one and a half years. Which is good I might add, I don't ever want to see what I saw in that last dream.

So I'll post future stuff but those are 2 year old logs of dreams I had sometime ago. But later not now, I've got homework.

Replies from the dreamer:

The dreams got too real. On occasion (just now when I was taking a slight nap) I was woken up because my dream was just about to begin and as I was walking in my dream for less than a couple of seconds I tripped over something slippery in my dream. To compensate, my body actually jerked to "suposedly" keep myself balanced only to realise I was sleeping on my bed. It's nuts but it happens on occasion when I actually do get a random dream even when they are being supressed subconciously
(Added: 1/15/2008)

This is my method to dream in such a state but really it varies from person to person. Simply put, don't take it as ur personal bible.

1) I exhaust myself out doing work etc etc etc. Physical exhaustion not mental.

2) I eat a coupla of snacks before I sleep ( and brush my teeth after I'm done)

3) I go to sleep KNOWING I'm going to dream.

4) I dream.

5) The moment I wake up I know I have been dreaming so I immediately remember ever bit of it before it starts to fade off my mind.

That was basically what I did. But as I said I think it varies from person to personso don't expect results.
(Added: 1/16/2008)

There's another thing I recall. Since young I've had multiple fevers through my growth phase and each time i had fevers I could actually achieve a semi consious dream state, I was lucid. I could see things while I was awake like illusions. Sometimes they got so real i was caught doing weird stuff. Like one time i was caught crying and wailing in the hallway when I was 10 my parents thought it was because i was sad (they scolded me the night before) but the truth was it wasn't due to that. I recall hallucinating about something that struck deep sorrow in my heart like someone you knew and loved died. Another time i was in a fever and was lying on my bed I hallucinated different lights of different colours moving with trails in a darkness like bright florescent snakes in the darkness (it was daytime) and I felt fear that plunged into the depth of my soul. It wasn't what I saw that gave me fear, I was fear itself that i was afraid of. From that day on I never had any nightmares after that even dark dreams of ghosts and freakish creatures did not give me shivers of terror for by then I'd already gained control of my dreams.
(Added: 1/16/2008)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Myusicman

a state of mind where u can actually control ur dream?
how do u attain such a state?
i kno it may take its toll on me, but i would like to see if i may experience such a process.
that seems really amazing until u weren't able to distinguish sleep and wake.
i would really like to know what happened that made u stop doing so. I hope to hear more about your experiences in this and what happend to make u quit.

(Added: 1/14/2008)


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Responses from Guests

From: Aariq

This ability to control you dreams is called lucid dreaming. Google it. It's neat.

(Added: 1/15/2008)

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