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  Dream Number: #252
Dream Type: im must be guy crazy
Date Posted: 12/29/2007

cegra99 from remembers this:

i am at a concert that apperntly i organized. the stage is wierd and raised and so is the seating. the first performer was awful. the secon was a rapper whoes music was better than the first. the third and final was supposed to be the best and had somthing to do with the new movie august rush b/c when he was anunced all i heard was the booming "august rush"!. the concert was a bad but deiced to go to new york city. one minute i am eating dinner and the next i am standing in frot of the boys dorms. i enter and and i am excited nad scared at the same time. i here someone comming so i run to the bathroom where i hide in a stall. then a guys comes in and he keeps asking who i am he is listing off the names of his friends. i remain compleatly scilent. so he dicieds to look over the top of the stall and he doesnt seem surprised at all. i tell him to hide me in his dorms and if anyone asked i am his sister b/c we had similar hair color and height. we run into his house faculty and i am sending him mental messeges to say i am his sister but he wont and then the dream ends

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