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  Dream Number: #244
Dream Type: Baby boy
Date Posted: 11/6/2007

Lisabella1213 from ronkonkoma remembers this:

I was over my parents house sitting on the floor against the couch with my mom to my left behind me i was holding my baby boy who weighed 8lbs 3oz who wasn't named yet and was talking to my mom about breastfeeding and what not. I'm not pregnant nor do i have any kids. My brother who had passed away 2/25/07 was sitting to my right behind me touched my shoulder telling me it'll be okay and i'll get thru it. Some one please help me with what this could mean ?!?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: annamaria

Don't worry! I think when babies occur in dreams it means that you're going through something new, or perhaps a completely fresh start on your life. Think hard about what that could be.. and your brother telling you it is okay might mean simply that this new thing or fresh start will turn out just fine. Your brother is still with you, so don't be surprised if he's with you in your dreams until the end of your time. :)

(Added: 11/14/2007)


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