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  Dream Number: #239
Dream Type: odd
Date Posted: 10/27/2007

michelle16 from Boston remembers this:

I keep having this same dream over and over again almost every night. It's about me being older and living in a mansion in California with my boyfriend. I'm an actress in Hollywood and he's an actor. Everything is going normal, like everyday life and then the next second we are at the emmys and I'm on the red carpet wearing a huge engagment ring but I have no idea how it got there. The only thing I'm sure of is that it's from my boyfriend that is living with me. Then it jumps to me and my boyfriend( or fiancÚ) driving to my house in Boston to see my family and see their reaction about the engagement. They obviously know about it since we're both famous and it's plastered all over the magazines and television and everything. Then everyone keeps asking me how he proposed but I have no memory of it so I tell them that I like the way he tells it and make him tell it. But then the next thing I know they're saying how sweet that is and I have no idea what he said. Then it jumps to the set of a movie that I'm working on and I have random people coming up to me and congratulating me and everything and then my fiancÚ comes and he wants to hear me tell the story of the engagement and then I just stand there and then I wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: AariqSkought

It sounds like you're having some anxiety about your romantic future. Relax! Either you're in a relationship that is maybe moving too fast, or you're worried that the day will never come when your knight (or actor) in shining armor will come and sweep you off your feet. Do not rush such things, take your time.

(Added: 11/2/2007)


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Responses from Guests

From: DreamLord

If this was a premonition, then my guess would be that it relates to the proposal.

In each different event, the focus is the engagement ring... you may have a very extravegant proposal coming your way, or worse it will never happen and you are dreaming about it because you may never have it.

(Added: 11/15/2007)

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