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  Dream Number: #236
Dream Type: being stabbed
Date Posted: 10/20/2007

dreamer123 from remembers this:

I had a strange dream last night where i was being stabbed with a knife. I know that i knew the person who was stabbing me, but i can't remember who it was. They were stabbing me in the solar plexis and being very careful only to hit that spot , they said i had to be stabbed 9 times. I looked down and could see the red marks on my body where the knife had entered me. I didn't feel like i was dieing or anything, it was like it was something that had to be done but i knew i would survive it......weird !

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Hi dreamer 123,

This dream sounds like its talking about a process that you will have to go through that may not be pleasant, but is necessary and for your ultimate good. It also says that you have a positive outlook and you will come out fine. The solar plexus is supposed to be the 'seat of the soul'---so it may be talking about some emotional pain that will be inflicted in your life through whatever source.
I'm wondering why nine times? Does the number 9 mean anything special to you?

(Added: 10/27/2007)


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