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  Dream Number: #223
Dream Type: Lucid (as always) scary
Date Posted: 10/9/2007

upallnightsleepallday from g-town remembers this:

he breaks into my house, finds me where i'm hiding, and stabs me to death where i lay. i watch myself bleed to death, almost like a 3rd party camera. this is a reoccuring dream. the man is my exboyfriend. he breaks in through more than one way. sometimes it's window, though the nailed up hole he kicked in the back door. every time he stabs me.

sometimes there's a variation on this dream; i have razorblades in my bed. i don't feel them, i only notice them. other similar dreams to this: razor blades get stuck in my back (i don't notice them), and a razor blade gets stuck in my foot. i never bleed with these dreams, only when he stabs me to death.

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