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  Dream Number: #221
Date Posted: 10/9/2007

Sweetpea6497 from Lebanon, Ohio remembers this:


Im at some kind of national park with my son, my brother, his girlfriend and her little boy. We're having a picnic on a grassy area, and off to one side there is a huge drop off like a cliff, with a river and rocks below. The little boy that is with us kicks a ball over near the edge of the cliff, and my son goes to retrieve it..munching on crackers, like its no big deal. He kicks the ball back to the little boy and I look over...his back is to the drop off and his feet are right on the edge. I see him start to slip and I jump to catch him, even though I am too far away to reach him in time. He falls and my fingers grasp air. I run screamin to phone that is attached to a large tree (no idea why) and I call the rangers station. They search the area for 3 weeks...its raining and they come to this little tent to tell me that theyre stopping and they cant find him. The dream then cuts to my house..the door bell rings and when I open it, these men wheel a gurney into my living room with a casket on it, they open it up and there is my little boy, dead in the box. Cut to a short time later, Im having a nervous breakdown and my mother is with me in a doctors office waiting room...Im crying, unable to stop, unable to talk to anyone...and all of a sudden Im alone there, just crying. Then I woke up, digging in my bedcovers trying to find my son.

This dream was the most realistic Ive ever had. It sounds complex, and I guess it was but..it moved so smoothly through each stage, like a movie almost. I was depressed over that dream for days and if I really think about it now, it still makes me tear up. Has anyone ever had a dream like this??

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Responses from Guests

From: DreamLord

Nice way of your subconscious to tell you that you love your son more than anyone in the world, including yourself.

This dream is most likely harmless. Because it was so realistic (my premonitions that came true were extremely realistic and just as unlikely), you will likely get a "deja vu" feeling if the event is occuring or is about to occur. Your subconscious will recognize the situation and your conscious will get that deja vu feeling. Simply acknowledge the feeling and pay attention to what your son is doing. If he's kicking a ball, run to him and you could avoid this potential premonition.

(Added: 11/15/2007)

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