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  Dream Number: #219
Dream Type: Frightening
Date Posted: 10/9/2007

Sweetpea6497 from Lebanon, Ohio remembers this:

I have had the same type of dream over and over for years now. The dreams always vary in setting, and the people in the dreams vary a bit...but there is always one constant: The Tornado. In every dream Im trying to escape the path of one or more tornados...sometimes its just one big one, other times its multiple tornados, and every time my son is lost. Its like Im in a mad race against time to find my little boy and get him to safety with me and no one else in the dreams..not my parents, my siblings, my friends...NO ONE else seems to be concerned with the fact that I cant find him. EXAMPLE: My parents and siblings have rushed me into the car and are driving out of town..tons of other people are fleeing and Im looking out the back window of the car. The sky is almost black, people are running around like crazy and I see this huge tornado ripping everything apart. My parents stop the car for some reason and I jump out of the backseat. Theyre yelling at me to get back in, but I keep running, trying to find my son even though I have no clue where he is. In each dream, I never find him before I wake up.

Has ANYONE ever had a dream like this?? Or any dream with tornados in them like that at all?? Please reply

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Jessica915

i have had tornado dreams over and over again for years. some are the exact same dream which is freaky. the first one i had was like 7 years old and i got the same dream again when i was 13. i always have multiple tornados in my dream, im always panicking and trying to get away. sometimes i get stuck and for some reason i cant move. -thats happened twice- iv only had one where i was lifted up into the air for a good couple seconds. i have no clue what the hell any of it means. iv always been scared of tornados but i still wonder if theres something behind it.

(Added: 1/2/2009)


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