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  Dream Number: #204
Dream Type: Scary, maybe a lucid dream?
Date Posted: 8/7/2007

Serishen from remembers this:

The first time I was aware I had a ‘lucid’ dream was admittedly frightening. I can’t really tell you if I was awake or asleep, but I ‘felt’ awake. I could smell the fabric softener I use on my sheets, there were slants of light coming in through my window, and I could feel the weight of my comforter on my body. I want to say I ‘woke up’, or began to awaken because I felt something pull upon the comforter with enough force to slowly urge me from my right side onto my back (I don’t sleep on my back, I prefer to sleep on my left side slightly curled into myself). It was then that I felt this intense heat emanating through the comforter (which I thought was odd considering its thickness). I could hear something rasping and making guttural noises down below (my bed is a bit high off the ground). It scared me, I’ll admit. I froze, and I didn’t want to move because I ‘knew’ something (a troll that had frightened me from the movie ‘Cat’s Eye’ when I was ten) was down there trying to either pull me over the edge, or climbs its way up. The heat at my back grew, and so did the growling and rasping. For a brief moment I suspected it was my little brother’s cat, Tiger, though after I really did ‘wake up’, I remembered he had run away. I lay in bed even after my alarm went off (I don’t remember waking at all, just the sound of my alarm blaring), too afraid to move because I still felt something was just over the edge of the mattress. That was the first lucid (I wonder if these even are lucid dreams I’m having …?) dream I remember, and I always remember them vividly, unlike most of my dreams. This particular dream happened around September or October of 2006.

My second lucid dream happened four days ago. I had fallen asleep on my oversized chair and ottoman in the living room on Friday evening. I can’t remember what I dreamt about that particular night, but I do remember the lucid dream portion. This time I was asleep on my left side, my head and torso curled within the huge chair’s seat and my legs out along the ottoman. This lucid dream was odd because I felt as if I were falling back into a deep sleep only to come out of it immediately. I saw sunlight filtering through the windows again, only this time I was immediately aware of the ‘something’. I ‘heard’ it scuttle across the floor and then I felt a weight and almost imperceptible prick of claws scale the ottoman, climb the small of my back, and quickly skirt over my shoulder. I was shocked still, though I couldn’t ‘see’ anything. My arms were folded before my chest as they often are when I sleep (right over the left) and the ‘something’ was suddenly under the coverlet growling. I ‘felt’ hot fans of breath on my forearms just before it bit me. Here is where it gets stranger. I ‘hurt’, only not physically, more of a mental alarm going off that kept repeating ‘pain, pain, pain’. I felt like I was paralyzed for hours, but it came and went fairly fast, I think. When I finally ‘awoke’ and was able to move, my left hand immediately went to my right forearm. I have to admit I expected to find blood, bruising, or something. But there was nothing at all. The funny end to this dream is that as soon as I stood up, I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. I was sick the entire day with some sudden stomach virus, and somewhere in the back of my mind I kept thinking the little ‘something’ that bit me had poisoned me. I felt very silly. When I told my mother of this dream she chided me (of course), and being somewhat superstitious she blamed it on witches and that lot. I definitely don’t believe that, but I will say the last was much more frightening than the first. Its as if my mind realized I was lower to the ground and somehow delved up that evil ‘something’ that tried to pull me from my bed nearly a year ago.

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