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  Dream Number: #201
Dream Type: Oddball
Date Posted: 7/11/2007

JayWar Chimney from remembers this:

Bought this new Powerbook from the shiftiest looking dude... Guy said it was the latest powerbook, only out 3 weeks... it was all scuffed up, and really, looked more like an mpc or something.... but I went for it... It had a weird case (like an old electric typewriter)... so then the dude's says "I got a classic American Stratocaster really cheap"... so I say, ok, I'll take that too! Worst piece of shit... obviously some sort of really bad Chinese knockoff...and so later on I'm showing it to a friend and he says "So he said it was a Strat huh?" And I just don't get it... I'm like yeat, it IS a Strat, can't you see? It was one of those dreams where you wakeup really relieved you didn't blow 2 grand on crap.

Responses from the Dreamers

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