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  Dream Number: #193
Dream Type: A friendship in need of recovering
Date Posted: 5/13/2007

chezza from remembers this:

I was at my band rehearsal & my director let me & some other people go home early. the rest of the band just got a 15 min. break. well on my way out of the baritone room, i saw (who was once my best friend forever, but just randomly stopped talking to me & basically severed all methods of communication between us) Jeff. i was thinking about talking to him to see if i had any chances of fixing our friendship so then i decided to yell his name out. he turned around & saw it was me so then he just kept walking. i ran up to him & said "jeff! stop i want to talk to you!" it took me awhile to get his attention. but then he was all like "what!?" the i began to say, "jeff im sorry im seriously really sorry i really really really still want to be friends with you & i dont want out friendship to end just like that. jeff u were my best friend & i love you very much & u were the only one i had that i could count on with basically, my life. please jeff give me a chance to get us to be friends again. i miss talking to you && stuff why did you stop talking to me like that & why did you delete me off you your friends list on myspace?jeff please, but if you dont want to talk to me anymore just tell me now && i will respect your decision & try my hardest not to talk to you." then he just looked at me & walked away. my mom came & picked me up & the next day afterschool i was walking out to the student parking lot to wait for my dad to pick me up. then i see jeff i kept walking but then he comes up to me & says "follow me" so then i followed him to the guard storage room & he begins to tell me "im sorry for having had stopped talking to you & having deleted you off my friends list on myspace, im really sorry i still want to be friends with you too i miss you i shouldnt have done that. im sorry chezza i love you too.so then we hug & im crying of happiness we just stay there sitting on the steps leaning on each other holding hands & for some wierd reason there was blood on our hands. then he walks me to the parking lot & i get picked up. then after all of that he would call me everyday. everytime we would see each other we would hug, but the hugs were like those hugs of like "i dont ever want to let go of you i want you with me forever. " sometimes when his girlfriend wasn't at school or around us we would walk around holding hands. & we would hang out alot go places. i would either be at his house or he would be at my house most of the time.

Replies from the dreamer:

someone please help me with this dream.
what does it mean?. especially with the part where we randomly had blood on our hands.
(Added: 5/13/2007)

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

Hi Chezza,

This dream shows that you are longing to have your friendship restored with Jeff...however it also seems to say that it might not be the best of situations if that happened right now. Do you have feelings for Jeff that go beyond friendship? The dream seems to indicate that there is a danger of getting into some type of trouble with Jeff that you wouldn't have gotten into outside of that relationship. The blood on your hands possibly means something that you and Jeff would both be responsible for or "guilty of" if the relationship progressed that way...the dream seems to say though you really miss Jeff, this might not be the best thing for you...I think the dream was given to you to help you see things in perspective and to help you not be sad about Jeff. Sometimes it's just not the right timing for something in our lives. But later on, then we grow and we're ready for it. It's when it's the right time and there's maturity then it brings joy into our lives. Sometimes if you try to force something or rush it, it's just not the best thing, ya know? If you wait it's much better. Peace 2 you.

(Added: 6/24/2007)

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