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  Dream Number: #177
Dream Type: freaks give me super-powers
Date Posted: 3/26/2007

thepilferer from Dub C remembers this:

My friend Eric and I were in some all-indoor school-like facility, roaming the halls, when we noticed at each corner of the building was a ladder going up. I told Eric that we should check these out because one of them is a really cool secret area, which I had found in a different dream (I have had a dream with a very different location, but a similar secret area in it). We went up a couple of them, but they just dead-ended, then we got to the correct one, and the climb up was really creepy, with just a single fluorescent bulb illuminating the whitewashed brick walls and the top covered in darkness.

Once we reached the top, however, there was a lot of light, and some nice wood-framed double-doors. We opened the doors and entered a movie-theater, which was playing a movie, but had all the lights on. As we were looking for a place to sit, we noticed that a lot of these people didn’t look right. One of them had no head, just a metal cap with a screw in it for a neck. I said “Look, Eric” and touched where his head should have been, as if to show that his head was not invisible, it simply was nonexistent. We then found some seats, and a bunch of the freaks came up and said hello, and I think some gave us small presents. It was really cool.

Later, I was out on the street with one of the freaks (who looked kinda like a live-action Betty Boop). Somehow she got in trouble with the law and the coppers were messing with her. I tried to help her out, so the cops shot me with a shotgun. I didn’t die, though, because one of the things the freaks had given me was temporary super-powers (along with some lame things like a bead-necklace). The freak and I ran back to the school-ish place, but I lost her, leaving me alone in the halls, except this time, the roof was missing, and there was a beautiful dusk sky above.

I decided I had to go back to the place to refresh my super-powers and/or warn the freaks about the cops. As I tried to find the right ladder, the headmistress told me climbing these ladders was off limits. I made a sad-face and moved along to the next corner. It was the wrong ladder, but when I tried to climb it, it didn’t dead-end, but it lead me to these weird sets of stairs without endings, which at first I thought were fire-escapes and I had to do something to extend them, but later I realized I was “under” the stairs for people who weighed less than gravity or for whom gravity did not apply. This is how the dream ended, with me stuck “under,” or actually over some upside-down stairs.

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