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  Dream Number: #169
Dream Type: really weird
Date Posted: 2/24/2007

ilymaggie from Seattle remembers this:

i was walking to school with a bunch of friends and some japanese exchange students, and i was trying to cross the street when i slipped on the ice and fell flat on my stomach. i kept sliding uncomfortably across the ice until i got to the other side. when i did, i took a bus to the ave (a popular street by the university of washington) and walked over to american apparel, with my ex-best friend, arm in arm like we were fine. when we walked inside, there was one of my friends who i am not really that close to. she was having a party in the store with a bunch of people from school, but i wasn't invited. i went over and asked her why. she said i was invited, i just showed up now and now i can join in. for whatever reason i agreed and was sent to a forest to do who knows what. i was waiting for something to happen, when i spotted a little polar bear about 20 feet away. i decided to stand still and maybe it would ignore me. i tried that for a while, but soon enough, i saw a wolf looking at me from only about 5 feet away. i decided i couldn't just stand there, so i stood up as tall as i could, and made really weird growling sounds. it sort of backed off, but i was still afraid to i ran away. i ran back to the party, they welcomed me back, and i woke up.

i have no idea what it was about.

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